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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 6, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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where she was taken in good condition last night. she was being evaluated for minor injuries, she has been released from the hospital this morning and made her way back to philadelphia. gaither was found late yesterday in the parking lot with this suspect kidnapper, this is jessup, maryland where she was with 37 year-old delven barnes. they say he took her again sunday night in the dramatic surveillance video we have seen so often. they responded in that ford taurus, every within has been looking for. now when they spotted the car, agents moved in when it looks like he may be pulling away. he has been since arrested and now being held in virginia this morning on a previous case of possible, attempted murder, kidnapping of another, a 16 year-old girl there. the family though is just happy to have their loved ones, back home and they spoke on her behalf this morning to "eyewitness news". >> i want to tell everybody, carlesha says thank everybody who was out there the news,
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the media, the one that reported it, that called the cops twice, the atf, the fbi, detective dehome, northwest detectives, everybody, she said thank y'all so much. without y'all we could not have her back. that was the mess important thing. >> reporter: now again barnes is being held in virginia on a warrant there for a previous case, involving a 16 year-old girl there. involving an alleged kidnapping and rape. he will be brought back to philadelphia where he will face federal charges here. again, a lot is still unknown about the kidnapping of gaither here in germantown and germantown section of philadelphia, why he took her, where he was going and what his final intent was. that investigation is still underway, however police believe that she was just a random target of this crime, and we will have much more throughout the day but we're live, jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". team coverage continues with our nicole brewer.
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>> here's over at police headquarters with more reaction, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee and erika. prayers of safe return, carlesha's safe return became messages of thanks and praise wednesday night when her family, friends, supporters received word that she had been found alive. lets role some video of that vigil. there were candles in place. there was a prayer circle happening as folks gathered at green and colter the very spot by the way where carlesha was abduct sunday night. fast forward a few days and new she has been found safe, thank goodness, her alleged abductor is that 37 year-old delven barnes hoist facing federal charges. of course, that is good news for a group of people say they believe in the power of prayer and they are so very thankful this morning. >> they found her, you know, so it is a blessing. it really is. >> when i heard that she was released my heart was pumped. i was glad, happy,
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overwhelmed, overwhelmed. just a blessing that nothing happened to her, that is the whole thing, that she's, you know, good. >> reporter: at last night's vigil all thanks and praise was given up to god but in a press conference carlesha's mother paid tribute to the philadelphia police and fbi and one detective in particular, whom she said promised to bring her daughter home at that. they did that. we're live, outside police headquarters, nicole brewer, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you, nicole. to see more video and get latest developments on carlesha's rescue head to cbs philly to the come. our coverage continues there. as you head out the door this morning a allow extra time for the commute. lots of wet roads out there looking live from center city from our sky camera. >> meteorologist katie fehlinger joins us now track ago this rain and just wait for it, throughout the day. >> here throughout the day but worst is happening right now. thinks what i call a front loaded forecast where the front half of the day is going
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to end up being the worst, so once we get through the morning drive it will gradually get better from here but both commutes, typical morning and evening rush, will be affect. your eye gets drawn to that sliver of orange back towards the pennsylvania turnpike. let's zero in on that particular slight of radar where basically from red to go buckingham we're talking upper bucks, western montgomery and northern chester county. we have got heavier rain amounts falling right now. we will zero in on this particular pocket, bedminster, rock hill station all included. how much is this dropping in just over a half an inch per hour, so you will not necessarily see that batch have of heavy rain over your area, but it is coming down steadily enough that it reduces your visibility ape leads to slower travel. you will need rain gear and patients walking out the the door. we do get a break in the rain, heading in to midday. if we have got maybe errand, that would be a great time to do it. wait until the lunch hour. hours do pick right backup for
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us here, by this evening. basically because we have a warm front now, cold front later. so, that also limits the temperatures. we're only expecting mid time highs in the 50's at best, flirting with 60 in any choice locations so it is a will cooler day, it will feel raw with that breeze and the rain, so you have to watch out for that and, of course, have your umbrella, that is a guarantee or a necessary necessity. >> yes, vittoria, please take ate way. >> get on girl. >> yes. >> good morning, everyone. it is funny when i was driving in this morning it wasn't a downpour so much and i think as katie was saying that steady rain, don't underestimate what that can do to your commute. you have to take it easy out there. so but are traveling this morning you will net is on the southbound side of i-95 delays, thaw will have out of the northeast, south of the vine street expressway. with that said we are in the seeing that huge rush hour pocket just yet out of the northeast but you'll have slow
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go around cottman, slow going around girard after knew. those delays will continue to build, and then really merge together. if you are watching us right now at 6:06, by 6:30, 6:45 it will be packed just saying. if we are traveling on a few of our majors 34 down on i-95 southbound. forty-eight, be a aware of 55. we are seeing a decline in the westbound direction at city avenue. fifty-one at 476. new jersey turnpike we have an accident a at 73 blocking two left lanes and overturn tractor trailer, give yourself some more time, erika. the long time football coach of haverford high school this delaware county is arrested for dui. joe gallagher, faces a list of charges, including, reckless driving, and leaving the scene of an accident. he has been the the head football coach at haverford for 23 years. police say gallagher was involved in a hit and run crash at lincoln and fourth avenues, in prospect park on
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saturday. school officials released a statement saying in part, that joe gallagher has taken a leave of absence for personal reasons. two cherry hill senior citizens face charge these morning for luring under age girls to a lavish home to produce pornography. fbi arrested burton gersh and photographer friend s id webber. prosecutors say the girls, age 16 and 17, were lured to the home with the promise of modeling jobs. those girls were photographed engage in elicit sexual activity. both men face mandatory minimum sentences of 15 years in prison if quick. your time is 6:07. burglars are back on the prowl in one burlington county town. they are targeting homes in moorestown, despite increased police patrols. latest burglary happened yesterday on paul drive, within the past week, burglars also broke into two other homes about a mile apart. the first on the 600 block of south saratoga drive and the second is in the 200 block of country club drive.
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the thieves got away with watches, and jewelry. a large up scale residences, entry is being made by different means of force. >> a lot of stuff is going on but it is always more than you know about. it is nerve racking. >> moorestown police plan to schedule a town hall meeting about the crimes very soon. we are continuing to follow our breaking news, great news too, carlesha freeland gaither found live and we are learning much more about her accused abductors's criminal past including allegation of another abduction. also the slow moving river have of lava in hawaii is on the move and now homes are just a few hundred feet away. we will be right back. box of rain coming down this morning, katie says, it
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is a front loaded system. >> front loaded system. >> indeed. >> we will have her explain coming up on the three's but you want to find out, you need your rain gear for the morning and evening. we will be right back.
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carlesha gaither is home safe with her family in north philadelphia we have video of the family outside a maryland hospital. carlesha was treat there had before returning home by police escort. atf agent spotted young woman with suspect delven barnes in jessup maryland yesterday afternoon w guns drawn authorities took burnes in custody without instant tenth.
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it appears random and there was no indication that they knew each other. we are learning more about suspect kidnapper delven barnes. he was arrested in 2005 on charges of aggravated assault, false imprisonment and reckless endangerment. he is being held on a bunch warrant in the separate case for attempted capitol murder in the state of of virginia. fbi talks about what happens next. >> he is being currently held, on a warrant, based out of the charles city county, virginia, sheriff ease office, for attempted capitol murder, assault, had malicious injury, and with active explosives or fire. this was from a previous case that he was being investigated for. so, he will then be charged federally, with the crimes here in philadelphia. >> police in virginia say that they have link barnes dna with the case involving a 16 year-old girl who went missing october 1st. then was later found bleeding with burns and smelling have
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bleach and gasoline. stay with "eyewitness news" as we keep you up to date the on the rescue of carlesha a sign up for text alerts on cbs and by searching hash tag cbs-3 on breaking and twitter and facebook. 6:13. here's traffic and weather together. >> good morning, everybody. we have a messing on out there on storm scan three. there is some spots getting hit harder then others and it is our western suburbs where we see dark shades of green and bright colors of yellow, orange or red. that is where we will have the heavier rainfall intensity. just radar 101 basically. this isn't it. even though this is going to eventually clear out, we will catch a break by midday, we're not totally done with this. let me show you why. this than the is the most organize system we have ever seen with you it is a warm front followed by a cold front moving through in one swoop, basically, over the course of a single day. so this is essentially a wash out of a forecast, but a couple of breaks along the way. outside we will go to our eyewitness weather watcher network where we have a couple
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rain reports coming in thanks to john dowell, where we have a half inch. fran, sent this one in a few hundreds of an inch is more of the story in chats worth, new jersey from mark. meanwhile we want to you keep in those eyewitness weather report. we will use them throughout the morning. meanwhile, we have to get through the rain this morning. break midday. and then we will see another round of the scattered showers in time for evening rush. though both commutes affect. not the best timing this time around. tomorrow, chilly breeze sets n we are setting up for a quiet weekend overall low to mid 50's and sprinkle from a more whimpy front by comparison, coming up on sunday. but roads are rough out there, so send things out to my collogue meteorologist carol erickson live in the cbs-3 mobile weather lab and right now we will find her on kelly drive, hi carol. >> oh, yeah we are on kelly drive and it is wet here as it is in most every other section of the city. lets head out on kelly drive f this is part of your commute
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today you will find what everybody else is, and that is that you'll see the glistening headlines of all of the other cars coming opposite and that is certainly adding to the problem of driving at this time of the morning. the rain is not particularly heavy right now, but the spray in front of the car will be and that is going to get kickback. last week in haddon heights all about the leaving and you'll fine leaves along kelly drive. these can be particularly treacherous and i think if you can look down the roadway a little bit you will see a spray that is being kicked up in this rain storm that is coming. so expect to find, very changing conditions, today because the rain is going to continue, the leaves will continue, to come down and any of these storm drains that might be blocked up will create ponding. some of these roads can get treacherous even in a light rain, in fact, sometimes light rain brings the oils out in the water, for the surface and brings them up to the the top and that can make it a very slick coating out there so
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just easy on the roads, this morning and the sun at least comes up earlier now then we have changed our clocks so we will not be dealing with total darkness in this wet but here on kelly drive as you can see people are heading in to work or heading out of the city, and we are going to be taking the next drive maybe down towards the airport and check roadways in that direction to see what is happening for people attempting to get out of town. but we're in the quite sure why anybody with want to get out of town on a beautiful rainy day like this let's check on the roads right now with vittoria. >> that doesn't make any sense, carol. >> good morning, everybody. you know, carol i'm so happy that they dumped on kelly drive because kelly drive, to me personally is one of the most scary roads at a time like this when we're experiencing this kind of weather. it is slick. we see all the time incidents happen on kelly drive that i mean no accident is good but accidents on kelly drive always tend to be pretty severe. let talk burr rush hour commute for a second.
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ninety-five in the southbound direction. we're starting to see delays around cottman avenue as we make our way through the vine street expressway. we will have some space in between, those two delays around cottman and girard but still it will feel slow the whole way, 476 looking good, but things will change, take with us.
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flyers take on the panthers later tonight in south philadelphia. panthers beat the fly guys two-one last week in florida. new to the wood now the sixers and magic at the the well and look the at this play, tone i wroten with the in look alley hoop to kj mcdaniel. this kiddies a player. they were tied with second left in last night's game but magic's toby harris hit a jump shot at the buzzer. the sixers lose, by a basket 91-89. zero and five. working hard. chicago bulls in town tomorrow night. mark sanchez will start for eagles this monday night against the the panthers, the game at the link in prime time. it will be sanchez's first start in the nfl, since 2012. that is when he is getting most of the first teamwork as he gets up to speed on chip's offense. he threw two touchdowns and two picks in last weeks win over texans. lets go birds monday night. well, stranded whales get much needed help, down under. >> role tears jump in to action to help save puds of
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the whales off the coast of new seal land. the the guys led nearly 21 pilot whales back in the opened water in the bay of plenty. officials say that the whales started to strand themselves earlier this week after a sick whale beached itself. around 35 other whales did not survive. so far the rescue whales have stayed outside in the water. our time 6:21. new this morning a list a has been released of the best booster seats to kekeep your child safe in the car. plus she was once behind bars for killing her roommate in italy but now amanda knox is trying to move on with her life and he has a new job, probably something you wouldn't expect either. we will tell what you that new job is
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6:23. hello, rain, will you be staying. >> good morning.
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it looks like it will be one of those here's your hat, is what your hurry kind of deal because it will in the leave as you loan, except for a lunch break here. storm scan three is most active right now. there is a very obvious swat have of rain, rolling through and it looks lake it will be with us for better part of the morning drive. periods of rain until 9:00 a.m. ponding on roadways. reduced visibility is also a given but there will be a break this midday, and then for evening drive, another round of scattered showers but more showers, on the way, vittoria. >> yipe. >> yeah. >> man, it is one of those days, good news, it is that katie was saying it will get better towards weekend. we have something to look forward to we have to get through this mess. this is i-95 southbound from the north east at cottman avenue. we are seeing delays from academy just past cottman and then making your way beyond betsy ross bridge down to girard. stop and go traffic there you'll fine delays, lingering traffic on the southbound side of the boulevard. watch out for this accident on
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the northbound side of the turnpike a at 73. two lanes blocked, erika. former nfl star ray rice is expect to testify in court later on this morning. he is fighting his indefinite suspension from the league. new york judge will decide if rice was a rick tim of double jeopardy. nfl initially suspended the running back for two games after he was accused of punching his wife inside an atlantic city elevator. the suspension was extended after after video of that incident surfaced. nfl says video was new information so that justified additional punishment. a former baltimore ravens cheerleader is accused of sexually abusing a 15 year-old boy at a vacation home in sussex county, delaware. molly shoulddock by came the oldest cheerleader at the age of 38. investigators say labor day weekend the now 47 year-old cheerleader and teen vacationed and partied together in bethenny beach. here's accused of providing alcohol to teenagers. and, a amanda knox, she
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has a new job, she's new a freelance writer for west seattle hurled a weekly publication. she writes, theater reviews. publications web editor say they offered knox the job quote to give her an opportunity of a normal life. nine months ago an italian court convicted knox guilty of murder for a second time in the death of her roommate. well, lava flowing from hawaii's volcano is moving slowly towards communities on the big island. lava flow remains less than 500 feet from the road that goes through a downtown area. environmental review for constructing an emergency access route identifies several concerns, including possible harm to endangered birds and the spread of invasive species. well, despite a deadly crash during a test flight last week another virgin galactic experimental rocket powered spaceship could be fly in six months. one pilot was killed and another seriously injured last friday when their aircraft broke apart and crash in the desert.
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federal authorities are still investigating that crash. well, coming up this morning, teen coverage of the breaking news kidnapping victim carlesha gaither is back home. >> president obama says got the message loud and clear from midterm elections and new he has a message for america. vittoria and katie return with your traffic and weather. we will do it on the three's and we are back at the bottom of the hour, happy friday eve, family.
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thanks for waking up with us everyone here's the the big news, carlesha gaither is back in philadelphia this morning her kidnap shore police say snatched her off the the street in germantown is behind bars. >> gaither made that trip earlier this morning. we will begin our team coverage with "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao in north philadelphia where you just spoke with a relative we understand, jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika and ukee, good morning. just as soon as carlesha gaither's family warn she was found safe in maryland they hospital in the car and headed down there to meet her in the hospital where she was being treated for minor injuries. she was in good condition and since released from the hospital. she's back home in this philadelphia neighborhood this morning where her mother lives. this was our first look at carlesha once she was being released from the hospital in maryland. you can see there leaving with her family. in the meantime man police say
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is responsible for kidnapping the 22-year old is locked up this morning. this is 37 year-old delven barnes, police say he and gaither were the spotted in jessup maryland last night, stopped in that ford taurus, police had been searching for since sunday, but it looks like he may take off and that is when police moved in. they say gaither identified herself as a missing philadelphia woman. now barnes has an extensive criminal history including an arrest in philadelphia for aggravated assault and false imprisonment. he is being held on a warrant out of charles city county in virginia on a previous case for alleged attempted murder, abduction and rape there, i guess the 16 year-old girl, gaither's family had this to say earlier this morning on her behalf. >> he good. she want to thank all y'all for that help, everybody. she kept saying thank you. happy to be back home and safe. you know, she just want everybody to respect our privacy through this tough
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time. >> now barnes will be a rain in that previous case arraigned on those charges later on today and then come to philadelphia, and come to philadelphia where they will face, federal charges, and, with carlesha's kidnapping. and random, attacked in germantown on sunday night. but they don't know where this suspect was going or what his final intent was but all of this is just in the back of this family's mind this morning. just happy to have her back home safely. reporting live from north philadelphia, jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. as you might imagine carlesha's family and friends they are breathing a collective sigh of relief this morning. >> our team three coverage continues. nicole brewer has their reaction at police headquarters, nicole. >> reporter: ukee and erika, they hope that their prayers would bring her home, they went home as far as organizing a vigil, but little did they know carlesha gaither was already found safe a sound.
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>> god gave her the courage to hold on. >> reporter: prayers for a safe return became messages of thanks and praise wednesday, as family, friend, supporters of carlesha freeland gaither learned of her safe return. >> thank you lord. >> i heard that she was released, my heart pumped, i was just glad, happy, overwhelmed. >> reporter: with candles lit and a prayer circle in place, they gathered at green and colter, the very spot where carlesha was abduct sunday night. for days, they waited, wondered, and worried. >> it has been hell. it has been hell. >> i thought it would be, and god is good. >> reporter: not only was carlesha found safe but her allege abductor, 37 year-old delven barnes seen here on surveillance video is now in police custody, facing federal charges. and, good news for this group, who say that they believe in the power of prayer. >> thank you. thank you for everybody that supported her family, and prayers, god did this.
6:34 am
god did this, thank you. >> reporter: prayers and good police work according to carlesha's mother made it a point to thank philadelphia police and the fbi for fining her daughter. we're live outside police headquarters, nicole brewer, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you, nicole. to see more video and latest developments on carlesha's rescue head to cbs, our coverage continues there. right now we want to talk about this rain, katie, sit sticking around. >> it is at least for the morning drive, we will have a little break and then we will see another round pick up. the the timing is less than ideal here today because both of our typical commutes get affected by it. it is just a duo of frontal bound drizzle crossing true. right now we're dealing with the warm front and as we look at storm scan three we can zero in where we have heavier amount of rain coming n slivers of yellow showing autopsy cross burks county up through the lehigh valley. we will can zero in on that between allentown and easton. i check on the rainfall rain rates here. we are looking at generally a
6:35 am
few tenth of an inch an hour out of this kind of a steady rain. it is enough to cause a big old nuisance, pud dling on the roadways and probably reduced visibility across the board, but thinks generally how it will look out there, as the rain is lighter, outside we will go to middletown ship high school in cape may courthouse. live neighborhood network 50 degrees, feeling chillier anytime we have clouds and rain like this with a pattern like this despite the fact that we will get in the 60's down the shore here today it will feel chilly when you factor in that breeze. we are looking out towards poconos, upper 40's at best and then also expecting a chilly rain there that is really the story here, kind of your bottom line will be the the wetest conditions, happening this morning, and then we will end up with a little break followed up with more scattered showers toward evening, vittoria, over to you. thanks very much, katie. good morning everyone. your roadways are wet and damp and your rush hour is slow. i'm or toy bring the mood down but that is happening this morning. lets get outside and take a look. first let's talk about i-95 southbound, again, it is a bummer out there, out of the
6:36 am
northeast all the way down to the vine street expressway. you'll see taillights ahead of you, if you are brake lights rather. if you are traveling between academy and the vine, that is the extent of the delay, you'll have pockets where you'll be moving better but generally speaking you are slow the whole way out of the north east. if you are traveling elsewhere like the schuylkill expressway not too far from the conshohocken, east and westbound commuting not awful but with this weather and with the rush still approaching, maneuvering through your western suburbs will be slow, westbound, you drop down to 17 miles an hour and that delay will affect southbound side of the roosevelt boulevard. there is no doubt about that. you can avoid kelly drive would i consider avoiding it because it gets so slippery and scary but also as we take a look at new jersey turnpike northbound at seven three, still dealing with an overturn tractor trailer accident, still blocking two lanes, in major problems a at the airport but still a good idea to call ahead, mass transit is moving fine, ukee. vittoria, thank you. new this morning the insurance institute for highway safety is out with its annual ratings of vehicle booster seats. i.
6:37 am
hs, based ratings of new models on how well three-point shoulder and lap seat belts fit a child sized test dummy. out of the 41 models tested a record number of 27 were dubbed best bets. that means booster seat was placing a four to eight year-old child in the right seat belt position in most cars, minivans and suv's. booth us ter range in price from 25 to $370. consumers continue to have a tough time, distinguishing among financial professionals but it may not be entirely their fault. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger say financial services industry makes it tough with you she will cut through merkiness to select the right for you. jill, good morning. >> good morning. >> you say that there are two basic types of financial pros, all right, hook us up, what are they. >> reporter: okay, first type is someone that is held to a standard that is called suitability. this is a a pretty low standard. when he or she gives advice to you they have to give you
6:38 am
advice of something that is suitable for you. the other type of advisor is a fiduciary, that person has to give you advise in your best interest. you see the difference. i can tell you one product that seems like it is okay for you but may not be the best product. the sec says, people don't know the difference between the two and that is why we're out beating the drum to tell you there is a big difference of the the two types of advisors. >> big difference and big problem with that misunderstanding too. >> reporter: yes, absolutely. is there a coalition of three big financial planning organizations, cfp board, financial planning association and national association of personal financial advisors. they are out with a white paper. it found something that is pretty shocking, when they surveyed a whole bunch of different advisors, two thirds of those advisors, misidentified themselves. meaning they said, we can do financial planning but they don't. what is the problem here? well, you know what if i go to
6:39 am
a doctor and i think that doctor is an orthopedic surgeon and can replace my knee but really just a primary care physician, wouldn't i want to know that? >> yes, with that being said what should consumers do to protect themselves. >> reporter: are well, sec has really been trying to make fiduciary standard the big prize in the industry but has had a lot of push bag a as you can imagine from financial services. they spend millions of dollars, fight ago begins the fiduciary standard. so, until the government does this, your number one piece of information that you go into these meetings, you say are you a fiduciary, must you put me first, so for more on the difference between these different types, you can get to jill on >> thanks very much. >> appreciate it. >> appreciate the heads up. >> very important distinction there. thank you you. >> wet start the two day coming up this morning vittoria and katie a has traffic and weather together we have got you covered. >> sure you do, plus talking
6:40 am
flu shots this morning. oh, yeah, we are here and getting our flu shots this morning. we will have the latest on that and myths also. why are you looking at me. >> i'm looking at you because by all know w why. >> best way to get the flu is fight that vaccine. two members will get their flu shots live on the air coming upcoming up doctor jen pay is a a house call and talking about the flu that time of the year family.
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here's your traffic and your weather together, kate. >> we will head back out to our eyewitness weather watcher network on a busy morning. we expect lots of reports to come in and you guys have delivered. we will start off with christine mackowiak, let me know if i'm wrong. we want to hear from you. lansdale it is raining pretty steadily. 49 degrees. light rain, lots of wet leaves. that is a key thing about your commute, wet leaves make it slick, so slow it down, vittoria talking more about that later. but, budd bender, 51 degrees in collegeville. he has heavy rain. we are fining it coming through in pocket. it is widespread swath but we have locations where rain is falling heavier than others. i want to show you your forecast, let's head there next. today will be a cool day granted but, you you know it toss get better despite the
6:44 am
fact that it is cooling down to only 50 degrees, sun will shine brightly and warm it up by sunday but reenforcing shot of cool's comes in yet again to bring in the breeze and a quick sprinkle. then into next mid week another reenforcement comes n we have a couple pulses down the road here of cooler air settling in. but back to the here and new we have been dealing with the rain all morning. we want to get a live look for you out in the element and with that said we will toss it out to carol erickson live with the cbs-3 mobil weather lab, hi, carol. >> well, katie we are continuing to look at this soggy morning. it is not just that the rain is coming down that heavily, but it has come down heavily through wilmington a third of an inch of rain out of the airport in philadelphia, the the direction we are heading right now or just coming off the girard point bridge getting back on to i-95, not that wasn't but you can see it is a kind of misty, foggy, slick, morning out there.
6:45 am
there are no airport delays. i have check. there are in airport delays even in the northeast, at least at the last check. that was just a couple minutes ago. flights are able to take off. it is not that bad. it is just your driving that is probably going to be slowed. even more than what you are dealing with on any kind of an airport or airplane and why would anyone want to leave a city like this, look at it out there. lets head back to the studio with vittoria. >> picture perfect, just like you, cute little thing. i love carol. i love everyone here but you'll love your commute traveling on the majors, you'll fine rush hour delays and we will also find heavier traffic because of the weather, that carol and katie have been talking about all morning. traveling on the 42 freeway lets take that as a first example. north bound we will see these headlights here making their way beyond creek road. we are seeing delays back towards 55 and moving towards the walt whitman bridge area now again it is stop and go traffic. we are not seeing long lines just yet, we have time for
6:46 am
that but it is slow. just like the schuylkill is getting slow. traveling either westbound or approaching 676 or eastbound around university city we are seeing more of a pile up w that speed sensors are reflect ago this. 17 miles an hour. take a look at that red pocket you have westbound a approaching the roosevelt boulevard making your way towards gladwynn. ten on i-95. look at these delays stemming back toward bucks county and down through the vine street expressway, we're dealing with a lot of problems as carol said we are not dealing with any delays at the airport but still a good idea to call ahead, ukee. vittoria, thank you you. breaking news we have been following all morning long carlesha freeland gaither is back home in philadelphia days after her abduction from a germantown street. freelander gaither was check out at a hospital after her rescue yesterday in more land and then made the trip back to philadelphia earl they're morning. thirty-seven year-old delven barnes is in custody accuse of her abduction. he has a long criminal history in philadelphia and the state of virginia where he is held on a previous
6:47 am
attempted murder charge. police in mowers in town burlington county are investigating a string of burglaries, three homes have been robbed in the last week. police asked residents to watch for suspicious activity i. according to the cdc, each year on average, more than 200,000 people in the u.s. are hospitalized with complications stemming from the flu. now health officials say that a major line of defense we all know what it is, right, the flu shot. who should get one and when is the the best time? family physician doctor jennifer cuddle is here this morning with the details and giving us our flu shot, doctor jen, good morning. >> good to see you i get my flu shot every year but some people, ukee, says it makes him sick if you don't get it. does it make you sick. >> the flu shot does not make you sick. there are three reasons that people think they are getting sick from the flu shot after they got the shot. it takes about two weeks after
6:48 am
getting the shot for your body to become protect against the influenza. you are not totally protect. you want to get it as soon as possible. there are other viruses and bacteria that can make us feel like we have the the flu but it is in the the influenza virus. remember, nothing is 100 percent. the flu vaccine covers the foremost likely strains we think are circulating but it is always possible you could get a different strain of influenza. >> katie fehlinger and i will get our flu shot here. >> i'm so excited. >> not everyone it is convenient to have have it come to your work place but when you get it, you mentioned that two weeks. >> yes. >> now or wait a bit. >> you want to get the the flu shot as soon as you can. >> do we have that koala bear. >> that is great. >> okay. >> just relax. >> there we go. >> you are done. >> hold on, hold on you did
6:49 am
it, wow. >> thank you. >> get the flu shot as soon as you can because we want you to be protect right away. >> yes. >> i don't think you need a band-aid, you are good. >> come on down. >> while giving katie her shots, who should and who should not get a flu shot. >> they are indicated for everybody six months or older but underage of six months, flu shot is not for you. but basically, pretty much everyone pregnant with man, people with certain medical conditions it is very important. people who should in the get flu shot within people with certain allergies, okay, like eggs, or other vaccine components. >> relax your arm. >> deep breath. >> okay. >> you you can still get a flu, even if you don't get the flu shot. >> relax, honey, relax. >> there we go. >> there we go. >> you can still get the flu,
6:50 am
influenza even if you get the vaccine but it is very rare. remember the vaccine covers the three to four most common strains circulating in the environment. it does not cover all of them. there is a remote possibility and no vaccine is hundred percent but this is best protection we have against getting influenza a. >> let me give you a ban aid. >> it can really be so many worse. >> i'm so glad you mention that had good people under estimate the importance of getting vaccinated because five to 10 percent of the u.s. population will get the the flu in any given season and over 200,000 people are hospitalized every year with complications. people can die from the flu. this is really important. flu related economicses. get your flu you shots. >> one of these years. >> where is ukee, where did he go. >> let me just say i highly recommend, i highly recommend getting the flu shot. i like to take care of myself, eat right, exercise and i haven't had the flu, i have
6:51 am
been not sick sincece 98. so that is why, i have full replacement hip surgery i can take a shot.
6:52 am
6:53 am
and, the ward this morning the country music industry honors best at cma awards in nashville. >> miranda lambert kicked off
6:54 am
the the night performing pop star mega trainer. >> ♪ >> oh, yeah. >> proving she's queen of contemporary country, she picked up three awards including, album of the year including platinum. the most man nations of any artist with nine and won music and single of the year. and entertainer of the year went to the luke brian. >> my heroes down here on the front row, people i have toured with, guys that i have sat on the link and learned how to do this business, thank you so much for pioneering things, making it possible for me to follow my dream, every night. >> blake shelfton won male vocal list while his wife claimed female vocal list of the year making them the country's winning couple. >> i like collaboration. >> big honor for part of the "eyewitness news" morning team, philadelphia row home
6:55 am
magazine presented its 2014 blue have sapphire award and ukee was among the recipient. >> wonderful night. >> ukee was recognized for dedication to the community and featured right now on the cover of the latest addition of philadelphia row home magazine. >> with john dougherty, kenny gamble, what a wonderful night, family based magazine. they have been doing wonderful work for the last decade in our area congratulations to philly row home magazine. they put on a great show last night. >> here's traffic and weather together. >> very proud of you ukee, in flu shot at least we can give you blue sapphire. let me take to you storm scan three. radar is critical here on a morning like this, light rain for most but it is a big old nuisance, almost everybody is getting hit right now. so here's how it breaks down, worst is now, through the the morning commute, a little break this afternoon but then another round of showers, although scattered in nature pick up this evening and i cannot rule out renegade
6:56 am
thunderstorm, the exception rather than the normal, vittoria. >> good morning, everyone. right now if you are traveling on the schuylkill expressway we are dealing with the disable vehicle in the westbound direction blocking left-hand lane moving beyond vine street expressway. delays will continue to build. take a look at eastbound side rush hour traffic anyway. you will have uponning, roads are slick, be careful out there. eighteen on the schuylkill, 13 on i-95, big time volume on 422, heading out of oaks but that earlier overturn tractor trailer had has cleared from the northbound turnpike on 73 and call a ahead for the airport, ukee. center piece of the rocker feller center local holiday display is a pennsylvania pennsylvania native. >> christmas tree is coming from pennsylvania. 85-foot norway spruce was cut down yesterday. it comes from homelock township. the 13-ton tree made the 155-mile trip to manhattan, very carefully, the the official lighting ceremony takes place in midtown on the third of december. >> that is that time have the year, whenever we see this.
6:57 am
>> here we go. >> 13 tons. >> that is a big old tree. >> got that right. >> wow. >> coming up on our sister station cw philly we will have an autopsy date on the top story woman whose abduction is caught on camera abduction is back home in philadelphia this morning. also baby otters, how to be an otter, how about that. more importantly how they are doing it.
6:58 am
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that's the healing power of vaseline. it is thursday, november 6th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." republicans warn president obama not to poison the well after a crushing midterm defeat. 72 hours after this violent abduction, a philadelphia woman is found alive. and a young boy loses the desire to eat. holly phillips on the history baffling the doctor. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 skojds. >> great news. carlesha freeland has been rescued. >> she was found with her accused abd i


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